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side by side error


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First off, I have not installed anything recently (windows update might have, but I have not added any new programs), I am running vista 64 business.

Whenever I run my computer now, I am unable to run virtually any program. For some reason internet explorer 64, my sidebar and some windows apps work, but for the most part nothing will run. The error that I get is a side by side configuration error.
After reading here and scouring the internet I ran sxstrace.exe and while it finds tons of errors it cant fix them, even when run in safe mode with elevated privileges.

I then downloaded vcredlist to fix the issue, but unfortunately it is an .exe and wont run. Now, rolling back to a previous state doesnt fix the problem, and I cant do a repair install because I dont have access to a disk, and cant burn my .iso due to the whole cant run any programs issue.

Any ideas for how I can fix the computer to run more than just basic functionality>? Any help is appreciated.

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