sigh.. UI Consistency, please.



What's with almost every UI department at Microsoft trying to stand out from
the rest..? Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, MSN/Live Messenger, Office,
..NET applications, regular third-party Win32 applications - they all draw
elements at least slightly differently from each other; Tabs, menus, status
bars.. ugh

I know it's still beta, but with Microsoft there's always been a -very- thin
line between Too Early To Tell and No Room For Changes Thanks To Time
Constraints. we'd better call this out now, in time for the next
Windows, eh?

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Thanks for the information! If that's correct that will, at last, end all
the dual-Messenger chaos!

P.S. I think it's correct to remove Windows Messenger instead of Windows
Live Messenger, since they moved off to Office Communicator for business,
and now they can just focus on the consumer side's Windows Live Messenger,
and totally getting rid of the middleman Windows Messenger, which, back in
2001, it was included in Windows XP and was advertised as an IM client of
choice for business and consumers. If all goes as planned, this will end a
lot of grief.

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>I think Windows Live Messenger (next version of MSN Messenger) will be
>included with Vista instead of Windows Messenger - don't quote me on that
>but I'm pretty sure.
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