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Sign in and FS says not signed in/or not online


Chad Harris

I'm on a Vista SP1 notebook and I use FS fairly successfully to access
folders from my notebook or desktop from my Itouch. Right now doing this is
far more effective than using Mesh which has a mobile site
http://mmobile.mesh.com which MSFT relesed although it does not work very
well at all currently. I can Mesh pictures and some documents but not

I've seen this problem intermittntly before. Reboots don't help.

It started a few days ago. I log into FS on the notebook. I login on the
little guy. Both are on line on my wireless network. I have seen this very
transiently in the past but not lately. When I try to access either box by
clicking it on the foldershare gui the mouseover says not on line and the
message if I click it says not on line. Right clicking does nothing. If you
right click>clikckproperties in the context menu>and past that link into a
browser window all you get is a big windows showing
your computer's icon and saying it is"offline."

I have no idea how to fix this. I haven't seen any solutions on the
newsgroup thus far.



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