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Greetings Gary,

I'm not entirely sure if I understand your question. You can most certainly upload files
from your computer to SkyDrive by heading over to, signing in with
your Live ID, click Add files at the top middle and follow the wizard.

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"Gary Metzler" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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> Hi All,
> I am using windows xp home sr3 and windows live. When using sky drive is there any way to
> add a file from my computer? Or, is this only an on line feature. Thanks for any help.
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> Regards, Gary Metzler
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Ya bud,

I had the same thoughts like "No way....that is too good to be true! You can't just take everything on your HD and upload it there! That would mean I never have to worry about losing all the things I want to keep. That would mean I don't have to keep those things on my PC, plugging it up!"

I am a musician and I have about 10 gigs of music I have been recording since I was 15. I have lost about 50% of it over the years as a result of HD failure, blue screens of death, PSU dying and frying my system....etc...

Well a few weeks ago when I read up of skydrive, I highlighted my music folder and draged all those gigs into the box and in like an hour I said bye bye to all those songs cuz now they are in the clouds!

Now I can save up my money for a solid state HD!

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