sound card fails with vista


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on my old XP machine i had an sound blaster audigy se sound card and in the mediasource 5 player it had an option called "what you hear" i used this option to stream audio clips to friends combined with manycam i use to broadcast my screen and audio while gaming to my friends.

i took the card out of my xp machine and put in this vista home basic 32 bit machine and i cant get what you hear option back to save my life. ive been searching for about 4 hours with no help. all i run across is other forums and people suggesting sound recording software that records through the spekers. this is not what i am wanting to do i dont need to record anything, i need to broadcast the sound thats coming through my speakers bypassing the mic.

as i said i am needing the "what you hear" option to broadcast my gameplay via msn/blogtv.

any idea how i can get the "what you hear" option back?

i dont really want to go back to XP but i will if its the only way i can get the option back.

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