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SP 1 issues



My computer was running fine with Vista Business without SP1. I waited until
Windows Update presented it for download and I installed it. The computer
became unstable and would not shut down. A series of hard shut downs of
course presented problems with corrupt files. I would boot to safe mode and
set up a check disk. Sometimes even safe mode would not load.

I first chatted with Windows tech online. He took over the computer but
could not resolve the problem. A call to Microsoft tech produced at least 3
sessions lasting about 2 hours each with callbacks on their part over 3 days.
They were courteous, and wanted to help, and very thorough. I also spent
many, many hours searching online for solutions.

Finally, the recommendation was to reformat from the partition. I did that
and did not install the "crapware". I installed all windows and Lenovo
updates and no other programs. When SP1 presented itself via Windows Update,
I installed it....

I then tried to install Microsoft office 2007. The computer would not read
the disk. (CD Drive works fine without update) I successfully installed it
on my old XP machine to be sure it wasn't the CD.

The computer behaved as it did the first time I installed SP1, so this time
I called Lenovo tech and was told to start again from the partition and not
install SP1. I have done that, and it works fine.

After MANY hours of trying, I have a mainstream computer that will not run
the most widespread OS in the world. If I were a novice I would have thrown
it out the window days ago.

1. Are these the types of problems Windows Update pulled SP1 for?

2. Anyone have a solution?

Lenovo Thinkpad R61
T8300 duo processor
2 gb ram
Hatachi 100 gb, 7200 rpm hard drive
4gb readyboost
Windows Vista Business
SP 1 not installed

My Computer



On Wed, 7 May 2008 20:03:00 -0700, michael56555
<michael56555@xxxxxx> wrote:

>1. Are these the types of problems Windows Update pulled SP1 for?
Nope. It was pulled for an issue with MS's SQL Servers that affect
Microsoft Dynamics Retail management systems.

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