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Starting with USB devices attached automatically.


William S.


I'm using Virtual PC for a fairly mundane reason: my old webcam doesn't work
under Win7, so instead I'm using a VPC session with Logitech Vid for some
long-distance video conferencing. I can start Virtual PC manually (if you
will) and attach the camera through the USB tab, but ideally and for
simplicity's sake what I'd like is the ability to drill down through the
Windows Virtual PC-> Windows XP Mode Applications->Logitech->Logitech
Vid->Logitech Vid (Windows XP Mode), click the icon, and start there, rather
than launching the XP desktop.

Is there a way to configure Virtual PC to do this? To start with a specific
device attached? The host machine is running Win7 Pro 64bit, the guest is
32-bit, if that matters.

Thanks, all.

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