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Strange problem with windows authentification



Hi there,

I'm struggling for hours with a very strange problem trying to connect from
Microsoft Dynamics Nav to SQL Server using Windows authentification.
The scenario: I have a Windows XP client at which a domain user is logged

This domain user tries to connect with the Dynamics Nav Client to its SQL
Server database using windows authentification. The SQL server resides at a
W3K server (not the domain controller) named TESTSERVER. At the server there
is also a local account named TESTUSER.

The connect fails saying "invalid user name or password". Using the profiler
reveals the reason for this. Despite the fact that the user that ist logged
in at the client is TESTDOMAIN\TESTUSER the SQL server Login is
TESTSERVER\TESTUSER, to which no access has been granted. For some reason the
authetification seems to has changed.

BTW. Logging in at the TESTSERVER as domain user TESTDOMAIN\TESTUSER works
correctly and connection from Dynamics NAv client to the database ist

Does anyone has an explanation for this?



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