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Stylus events are not received




I'm currently designing an application for the Tablet PC. The new Framework
has built-in support for stylus events like StylusDown or StylusInAirMove,
which I want to use.

My problem is, that they are never received on my development PC with my
Wacom Graphire4 tablet.
This is especially weird, because in Tablet.TabletDevices (Tablet is a
static class in System.Windows.Input) the tablet is listed since driver

The problem is, that the Stylus.CurrentStylusDevice is null all the time and
even with an InkCanvas; only the emulated mouse events can be captured, not
the stylus events.

(The problem also persists, if the event handlers are attached in C# rather
than in XAML.)

Any ideas?
If not, maybe any ideas, where else I should/could look for an answer?

Thanks for your help.

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