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Suggestion: Consider shorter standard names for Alias.Function, and Variable PSDrives

  • Thread starter Alex K. Angelopoulos [MVP]
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Alex K. Angelopoulos [MVP]


We currently have lengthy names for "built in" PSDrives, making them harder
to type. In the non-FS list of pre-mapped PSDrives shown at bottom, you can
see that abbreviated names are used for two "single-drive" provider drives,
Env: and cert:. For the registry drives, the well-known 4-letter names are
used for drives rooted in base hives.

I don't think there's any question that using shorter names for the
Certificate and Environment stores was wise. They are clearly the longest
named providers (11 chars each).

Due to their wide use, I suggest that the Alias, Function, and Variable
PSDrives also have shorter names. This helps with ergonomics.

Alias should probably be al: (from the standard truncated form of Alias).

Function should probably be fn: (simple, suggestive to people who have taken
math, and a likely abbreviation if we ever have Function cmdlets).

Variable should probably be var: (recognizable; used instead of the standard
abbreviation 'v' since v might be a physical drive).

Name Provider Root
---- -------- ----
Alias Alias
cert Certificate \
Env Environment
Function Function
Variable Variable

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