Suggestions and comments: First look at new beta



Does anyone official read these posts?

1. The new look is much improved. It is much cleaner and more professional
2. Where are the toolbar icons?
3. Create Panorama seems unchanged. I was hoping for at least a quality
slider for saving as a jpg. The default value seems to add a lot of
compression to reduce file space. I don't like that.
4. Burn a data cd is good but that was in the old version too. Where is burn
a data DVD?
5. Need more "publish to" options. Flickr is great, but what about Facebook
and "WordPress using NextGen Gallery"? I see SmugMug is an option you have
to install.
6. More slideshow options please: how about, publish slideshow (with music)
to HTML, PDF, XPS, Flash, and SilverLight? Oh, and let me add my own
templates too.
7. The screensaver is a good idea but not nearly complete. See the Google
Photo Screensaver for a good implementation. WLPG could be better by
offering different display modes like: Google's random implementation,
coverflow-ish, flip 3d would be really cool, and so on. I like WLPG, but
can't dump my Google Photo Screensaver yet.
7.5 Maybe the photo screensaver needs to be a separate Live product?
8. Subscribe to other people's photo streams needs to be more obvious and a
prominent feature. You could even use other photo streams as a screen saver
9. I love EXIF info in the pane. However, some people probably don't want it
there. It would be nice to be able to turn this off while keeping the info
pane active.
10. Stated this before, but why can't I drag a tag to a photo?
11. The zoom slider is cool when viewing individual photos, but how do I
know when I am viewing the photo at actual size (100%?)
12. What is face detection and how is it used?

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