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System Restore Broken; How to initialize?


Edward Feustel

My copy of System Restore Services on Vista Enterprise SP2 is BROKEN.
This is presumabably because of dual boot with a Windows XP problem.
I have fixed the XP registry to exclude Volumes it should not overwrite. I
have tried
turning System Restore off. That did not fix the problem. So I turned it
back on.

Now I am trying to "scrub" the system so that I can initialize a new System
Restore Point
and get on with life. But I would prefer not reinstalling everything which
take over a week.

When I use the system protection option, the "search for restore points
hangs. The create system restore point button is grayed out.

Automatic updates and those installs using Wise Installer stall and do not
Apparently something has locked the function.

If you have a clue as to how to untie this knot, I's appreciate your sharing

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Edward Feustel

I got rid of System Volume Information on the Windows Vista Enterprise root.
The System Properties/System Protection window cannot find any System
Restore Points
nor does it allow me to create any.

I have 8 partitions total with Windows XP Home, Windows Vista SP2, Windows
Server 2008, and Windows 7 RC installed
on 4 of the partitions.

The other systems all perform Microsoft Update properly and seem to work.

Must I delete all the System Volume Information folders on the root
partitions of the other systems while running Vista?
Are the ones that I see specific to Vista, or in deleting them, will I
disable their functionality?
Ed Feustel

"Rick Rogers" <rick@xxxxxx> wrote in message

> Hi,
> Disable System Restore and reboot. If any System Volume Information
> folders remain on the root of any monitored volume, delete them. Then turn
> System Restore back on.
> --
> Best of Luck,
> Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

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Vista Guru
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Have a look whether shadowstorage was allocated for that partition. Use VSSADMIN LIST SHADOWSTORAGE in cmd. The "maximum" should be 10 to 30GBs depending on the size of the partition (15% of the total partition size). Figure 1GB per restore point. The minimum required, by the way, is 300MB. But that is completely useless because that cannot even fit one restore point - just the control info.
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