"Temporary User Profile" always loads!



Please please can someone help me with this??

The problem started when I decided to do a reboot after installing some
Since then whenever I log on it takes ages displaying the "welcome"
message, then comes up with the dreaded "preparing your desktop"
message. It then loads a "temporary user profile" and says that any
changes made while logged on to this profile will be lost afterwards,
and to check the event log or contact the network administrator.

I've read heaps about this problem happening to people with vista and
windows 7 (I have vista home ed). It's supposed to be due to a
corrupted profile, and so if you delete the profile in the "regedit"
thing it's supposed to fix itself. Others have also suggested creating
a new account and transferring everything.

I have tried countless restarts, restoring the system, deleting the
user profile (all my stuff is now fully backed up) and creating new
accounts. None of it works - a temporary profile still loads from a
newly created account, and even in safe mode and from the built in
administrator account.

I'm at a total loss as to what to do!!
I use my computer every day for work so you can hopefully imagine how
frustrating this is!

I would be so grateful if someone had an answer!!


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