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Three issues


Tamir Khason

There are three issues with WinFX (for RC1) following:
1) What might be a reason for 40% CPU load within simple application using
custom class derrived from FrameworkElement, that draws an animated
(DoubleAnimation) shape (RoundedRectangle or Ellips) on DC? In 1 second
period it changing radius from 0 to 100 and vv. with AnimatedClock

2) How do I change the selection color of a TextBox control. It's possible
to restyle all aspects of the TextBox control except for the text selection
color. The selection color is seems to be taken directly from the Windows
theme, and there is no property that can be used in the control template to
override it.

3) In toolbar buttons (standard images library provided by VS2005) lookes
blurry. Convertion from png to gif did not helped. But the main issue is to
"disable" them (garyout) from the Image control template. The disabled image
should be semi-transparent and gray. This can be done by setting Opacity
inside Trigger Property="IsEnabled" Value="False" or by FormatConvertedBitmap
directly on image. But how can I use the format converter inside the
"IsEnabled" trigger of the Image control template? The other question how to
prevent transpanent pixels from being opaquein grayout version.

Thank you for support.

Tamir Khason
"The computer is no better
than its program." [Elting Elmore Morison]

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