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Thumbnails not displaying correct image




right, this is a first for me... relatively new user with Vista, prior to
this XP Professional user and loved it.. but, I must admit I am quite happy
with the product as a whole... but.. today I came across something unique..

When I connect my camera card reader to the laptop and press to view images
on the card the computer displays a thumbnail image of a random sort from my
images already saved on the pc in my picture folders. I.e. if I have an image
called image Img 0000001 in New Family folder, the image displayed in the
temporary camera folder is that image, not the image on the card...

Odd eh?? and further odd, should you double click on the thumbnail it then
opens in the media player as the correct image on the card, close the media
player down and it is back to the wrong image...

Any suggestions anyone because this is really not great...


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