UAC in Vista Home Premium (hmm... no secpol.msc)



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> I really appreciate all the discussion here, especially some really
> efficient postings by Shawn. But can someone please answer my concern
> here ?
> I am a Vista x64 home premium user. It is also true that I can disable
> all my UAC annoyances very easily as described here in the forum
> several
> times. But it is also true that as of now, I cannot access secpol.msc
> and can't monitor my local security policy :cry:. This is a part of
> some
> weird microsoft differentiation. Why is that so ?
> Let's get specific :geek:. For example - I want to actually see how
> the domain in my policy is acting. Let's say I wanna change the "UAC:
> Behavior of elevation prompt for standard users" policy.
> How would I do that without secpol.msc ? Is there a tweak which allows
> me to access the "local security policy" without actually messing up
> with the registry ?
> Really appreciate your reply.
> --
> securify

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