unable to open avi's, mpg's or wmv's



> I have Windows Vista and Windows Mail and I am trying to download the movie
> files from the newsgroups section and when I open the file all I get is some
> sort of message that has a bunch of scribbly letters and numbers but no
> attachment with the file. I used to have Outlook Express and had no problem
> opening up these movie files. Maybe I dont have my settings correct? My
> default player is Windows Player 11 Any help would be appreciated

This is a sample of what I get when I open the file

MA&>JC$3Z3,K8``````````0````!``P``@`"````20!S`%8`[email protected]!2````````
M``$`-`````8```!$`&4`[email protected]!I`&,`90!#`&\`;@!F`&\`<@!M`&$`;@!C`&4`
M5`!E`&T`<`!L`&$`=`!E````3``Q```````"``P``@`"````20!S`%8`[email protected]!2

No attachments at all

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