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Uninstall Pinnacle 14


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I recently purchased the Pinnacle 14 Ultimate Collection upgrade for the Pinnacle Studio 12 which is installed on my wife's laptop. The Laptop is a Dell XPS M1330 with the Vista Business 32bit edition, Service pack 2. I was able to install the whole upgrade without any problem. While installing the "Winter Pack" Theme disk, that came as a bonus addition to my purchase, the problems began.

First, it wouldn't install. There was an Msi Digital Certificate error message. So I sent a report to the Pinnacle support site and waited for the reply.

While waiting I decided to uninstall the Pinnacle 14 to see if I could install the Winter Pack for Studio 12 which was still installed on the computer, my first mistake. I became irratated while uninstalling. I'm a teacher and I was doing this in class, my second mistake. I thought I clicked on uninstall while Studio 14 was highlighted and I thought it was removed. When I looked at the list on the screen and I noticed a Help Folder Icon with the description Pinnacle Studio 14 next to it and thought nothing of it.

I tried to install the Winter Pack and got the same message as before. So, I thought I'd reinstall Studio 14. When I did I got the message that the program was already installed and I couldn't use the disk to repair or modify the program. I then went back to the Programs and Features list to repair Studio 14. The error message this time was that the installation source wasn't unavailable. While looking at the list I again found the help folder Icon and the Pinnacle Studio 14 description. I looked at the size of this file and it was 1.96 GB. I can't imagine that there would be a help file this size. I must have changed the Studio 14 instead of uninstalling it. I don't know what happened.

I did get the information back from Pinnacle and was able to install the Winter Pack disk. I should have waited. I can kick myself! Just so stupid!

The problem is that now the program doesn't run properly and I can't uninstall, repair, or reinstall it. Does anyone know what I can do to uninstall the upgrade so that I can reinstall it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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