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Uninstall Vista Beta 2 off of laptop


Daniel Woo

I have a Toshiba laptop and had the experience of being happy for 30 minutes.
Then it hit me. I can't do much on here like i would on XP. Well duh, Its
beta so theres not much freedomize things you can do. I've read some posts
and i took it into play. I haven't have much luck with the info. I can't find
it in the add/remove program and i've tried format and a window came up
saying i couldn't do it becuase "vista" was on it. I don't have a XP boot cd
like some people do . I have a restore cd(3) and couldn't use it because it
says that it couldn't regonize the current window version on it. What can i
do to take off Vista FOREVER.

please email me: asianw2o@yahoo.com

I really need to get my work done.

P.S. my laptop had a choice to switch the bewteen the two windows and I've
clicked on older version window and it just went blank. The obly thing i can
do is access Vista only not XP home edition. HELP

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