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update text file



I need to update a text file.

My current attempt is to create a recordset from the text file, which
I am thinking I would have to disconnect to make it updatable. Here is
my code sample:

sql_Regents = "SELECT * FROM [" & str_PlanName & ".csv]"

'Connect to the text file, and create our base RecordSet
Set rs_regents = CreateObject("ADOR.RecordSet")
rs_regents.Open sql_Regents, strCon', adOpenForwardOnly,

'disconnect the recordset to update it
Set rs_Regents.ActiveConnection = Nothing

str_PlanName & ".csv" is an existing file. I get the following error
at the "Set rs_Regents.ActiveConnection = Nothing" line:
Operation is not allowed when the object is open

Any help or alternatives would be appreciated.

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