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USB autodisconnect



Hi to everyone.

I think i have a little problem, but may be it's very simple, anyway.

The thing is that i bought a Datatraveler 2.0 1gb USB flash pendrive, i
first had the problems related to not recognizing the driver so i needed to
reinstall SPK1 because the update KB9xxxxx didn't work for me.

Now the thing that i saw is when i plug it into the usb port, it disconnects
after a while in a random way, and then reconnects again. I think may be is
power problem, or port because if i plug it in another it doesn't seem to
happen, although i didn't TEST IT really.

So the question is with my 6 ports available is there a chance that my power
supply can't provide enough power to all my usb devices, or is just SOFTWARE
problem? Maybe it does nothing to do with these.

Another thing is if i plug it on the second front port, with all the other
devices connected it doesn't recognize it. But if i plug it on the 1st one it
olny asks for 2.0 port to work faster. And if it's alone on the front it
works, but the random discconection problem occurs.


Intel 865DPERL with 6 usb ports ( 4 back & 2 front)
1 gb Ram
Vista 32bit

USB Devices:

my sonyericsson plug cable (back)
my Genius Camera GE11(back)
my mouse X7 from A4tech (back)
my joystick 2 in 1 (generic) (back) for friends
another joystick (front)
one free for my pen drive or other devices.