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User Account Control - How to runa program as a service as administrator



Not exactly sure how to phrase my question... We use a remote support tool
that is designed to run as a service. Under XP, we can log off of Windows
and back on, and the support tool is still active. Under XP, we can re-boot
the computer, and when it comes back up, the remote support tool is loaded,
running as a service, and we can re-connect.

However, with Vista we cannot do this. When we're connected remotely, if we
log off, that's it. We can't re-connect until somebody at the host end logs

We've disabled User Account Control, but this has not helped. I'm no expert
at User Account Control, but it seems as if disabling it would help while
one is logged in, to prevent frequent prompting for permissions to run an
application. However, I can't find any guidance as to how to enable this
remote support tool to run, and load, as a service on Vista... without the
host user logging in.

We've contacted the authors of the program, and either they don't know, or
feel obliged not to divulge a security loophole. Any ideas?

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