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Recently I had a User Admin account become corrupt. After creating a new user account, using the hidden Administrator account, I copied and pasted all my important documents and pictures over to that account from the corrupt account. I then signed in to the new ADMIN account that I just created and went to Control Panel > User Accounts, I then found the corrupt account I needed to remove and clicked on the delete files button. When that was done, I clicked on: Remove Account. Now I find that I still have the corrupt account under "Users" on "C drive". I have went back to User Accounts in Conrol Panel and it does not appear in the group of user accounts listed there, only the new Admin account (that I created earlier), the Guest account (which is off), and one other user account user account (my wifes). Now the question comes to mind... "How do I remove the remainder of the old corrupt account from the computer"?

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