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Virus has caused explorer not to show anything?


I have a strange problem with Explorer. When I open it, I only see the folders in the address bar along the top of the page. I can navigate though the folder structure by clicking an expansion arrow at the right hand end of the list of folders, this produces a drop-down box that I can pick the next folder from. But nothing (no folders or files) appear in the big box that should be showing the content of each folder.

To see the content of folders I have to choose View then customise folder. The first choice on the list that appears is "what kind of folder do you want?". I change the value away from whatever it is set to to anything else, then hit apply, and I can see all of the contents of the folders. The problem is that the value selected does not stick, it just reverts to showing me no folder contents. How can I make this stick, is a registry change needed?

I think this may be malware, it happened soon after a questionable download was made. The PC has Virgin UKs own AV and Anti-spyware (supplied by radialpoint), windows defender, and spybot with tea timer turned on.

Hi folks,

This has fixed itself. I backed up all my user files, then re-booted with my fingers crossed. Seems to be working again, faster than before if anything.