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Vista Activation



Does anyone know an email address that can be used to resolve activation

The motherboard on my new computer died (never buy ASUS), and I now need to
activate with the replacement motherboard. However, Microsoft has essentially
made this nearly impossible. I spent 30 minutes waiting on hold for the call
center in India only to be forwarded to a (Tech?) with extremely poor English
and a bad phone connection. He asked me 3 times for a installation ID. I
asked if what he wanted was the "Product Key", and then the connection died.
He either hung up on me or the connection was so bad that it just dropped.

Why in the world don't they just make email the preferred communication
mechanism. Use of a telephone is ludicrous when the people on the other end
barely speak English.

There should be a button on the Activation Dialog that lets me force
activation. Then Microsoft should contact ME if they think I might be
activating it illegally. I am NOT going to buy another license for Vista just
because my motherboard died.
I paid for a legal copy, and I shouldn't be treated like a criminal because
I had the poor judgement to buy an ASUS motherboard.

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