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Vista and Network Appliance Servers



We have a few NetApp Servers and when testing Vista I try to connect to these
Netapp Servers I have an issue. When I click on START / RUN type in
\\SERVER_NAME and click OK it will not connect to that server, it errors out.

If I ping the SERVER_NAME by either NAME or IP Address it pings back, so
that works good. The Vista PC can communicate with the NETAPP SERVER.

If I click on START / RUN and \\IP_ADDRESS_OF_NETAPP_SERVER and click OK it
works just fine. So DNS seems to be working by this working and being about
to ping the name and/or ip address.

If anyone knows why I can't just type in under RUN \\SERVER_NAME and have it
connect to that server it would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance....

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