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Vista Business joining W2K3 domain


Boyd Tucker

I've got this pain in the butt notebook that came with Vista Business and
when I tried to join an active domain it got hung up while "looking for
credentials" i.e. in preparation for the prompt for the server username and
password to join a domain.

I left that problem to move on to join other PC's and the next one was
another Vista Business notebook and guess what ... not a problem. I went on
to join other XPP PCs as well.

So the problem isn't the server/network/firewall/etc if everything but one PC
works??? I have compared the problem Vista to another Vista to see if there's
some config issue but all seem to be the same.... except the problem PC is a
new PC with Vista Business OEM with Office 2007 trial pre-loaded (and Office
2007 stuff was removed). The other "working" Vista PCs were fresh install of
Vista Business.

Anyone with an idea?



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