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Vista disk check at boot?



In my fifth evening of trying to install Vista on a 2 pc small-company
netork, I've formatted the hard drive and reinstalled Vista from the
DVD. So far so good. After the installation, I started a disk check
and rebooted.

Unfortunately, the disk check looks like it will need 8 hours to
complete. There seems no way to cancel it:
- Ctrl-break doesn't work
- F8 -> safe mode stops at crcdisk.sys (looks like it does the disk
check too)
- "Last good config" does the disk check too
- Starting DVD in command prompt repair mode, execute "chkntfs /X c:"
didn't help.

It's too late now to reinstall Vista yet another time, and the 8 hour
check means I won't be able to install the business applications, and
will have to return for evening six.

Is there any way to cancel the Vista boot disk check, once you have
been foolish enough to schedule it?

As for me, that's another evening down the Vista drain :(

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