Vista problem, ethernet connection suddenly stopped working


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I have a Vista 64 machine - everything has worked more or less fine on it for about a year, but now the ethernet connection doesn't work.

I went away on vacation and my clown of a flatmate used my computer without permission. Seeing as he can't even keep a computer of his own (he just inherits them) and he manages to dirty up every machine he touches, I wasn't that surprised to return home and find my internet doesn't work.

Before you start to look outside of my machine, I've checked everything - the internet connection is fine as is the router. I can plug the ethernet cable into my laptop (Win XP) and there is no problem...I'm doing it right now.

I've tried every fix suggested - been told that it's something physical, but the green light is on so I think it's a Vista issue. I did a system restore to before the point my flatmate touched the computer, but nothing.

Please help. I have an Nvidia nForce 10/100/1000 network controller - ask me for the other specs.

I desperately need help.

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