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VISTA "renaming" network shared folders



We are running a Windows Server 2003 domain and are in the process of
replacing all XP PC's with VISTA boxes.

Currently all users have a folder on a Server 2003 file server and the "My
Documents" folder from their XP machines is mapped to their folder on the
network share.

Currently I have upgraded 5 staff to VISTA and mapped their shared documents
folder without any problem. BUT when I create a new shared folder for a new
staff memeber and then map this folder to their new VISTA box, the folder on
the file server is "renamed" to Documents. I say "renamed" because it appears
that this is only a display name and the file system still operates with the
original name.

How do I get VISTA not to "rename" the shared folder as having multiple
"Documents" folders on the network share gets very confusing.

The thing is, VISTA did not "rename" the folders of existing staff, only the
new ones.

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