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Vista SP2 will not install

I have tried to install SP2 in order to try and fix dll errors on start up and have tried everything else... it installs up to a certain point and then says i do not have SP1 when i do have SP1 installed. Can anyone suggest anything?
Apparently, i thought SP1 was needed in order to install SP2. And i do not see why an error screen informed me that SP2 could not install because i did not have SP1 if it had in fact installed. Ah well thankyou :)
Shows SP1, then when i download the suggested upgrade and attempt to install it, it says i do not have SP1.
When i attempted to uninstall whatever SP i had on here, i could only find one that is described as service pack 2
Oh that must be an office one then. How dumb am i. There are no vista ones at all in the installed updates files!! I don't have a clue. Maybe i will just leave whatever is apparently on here and deal with error messages.
Yeah mine to, my registry system is the main problem! I cant fix the file locations manually by downloading so im hoping these checks may help and i would think the latest service pack would be useful, seeing as i am so clueless as you may be able to tell! Thanks again.
Have checked 'properties' information on my computer and there is no SP1 or SP2 listed. My computer is set to update automatically and I've never seen anything about these service packs. Do I still need them or have they been overtaken by other updates? I have no outstanding updates to install.