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Vista "Start menu > Programs" annoying to organize

With good old XP one of my pet peeves was the start menu > programs organization of related programs in like folders.
In vista, I found out with horror that this process is infinitely more difficult and time consuming.
For starters, I don't like the Vista start menu and I prefer the classic menu. The Vista menu is superior to XP default and indeed it has some nice features, but it takes me longer to find a program than in a properly (read: custom) organized classic start menu.

My question is two fold:

1) Is there a way to suspend, delete or deactivate the annoying alerts whenever I try to organize the "programs" folder in the "all user " start menu?
( As an aside, any idiot knows that when an alert is displayed too frequently, the knee jerk reaction is to click "OK". This in my opinion, defeats the purpose. )

2) Is there a better start menu program or a different configuration I could use to make this process faster?
I like to organize my programs in logical groups and have some appear in multiple groupings.

In conclusion, I like the fact that MS has made security a priority, but my feeling is that we are all paying a price in wasted time because of shoddy work the company has done in the past.
I believe at some point MS will need to scrap the NT like OS and start fresh, like Apple did a few years back. It wasn't pretty, but it worked and allowed them to shed a generation worth of bad practices.