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vista ultimate 64bit event viewer folder deleted by mistake


Joe Schmoe

hi all,

vista ultimate here on i7 940 with 6gbs ram.

looking thru event viewer as the recent switch from xp to vista has got me
probing the OS more and more and liking it too.

but i in my trying to clear event log under "custom views" there is a folder
for "Adminstrative Events" and below that is 1 more folder "Summary Page
Events" which had many event id 10's in it. a googgle showed this
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/KB950375 which is the exact error so i ran
script ms kb has on the page which seems to have stopped the error or
stopped it from being logged at least.

the problem is in my trying to clear "Summary Page Events" folder i ended up
deleting the folder.

i would love to recreate it or somehow copy it from vista ultimate disc (or
i long for w/98 sec. ed. system file checker ;) )

any help appreciated.


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