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Vista Upgrade Advisor Report

Okay, so I have the copy of Vista to which I want to upgrade in my hot little
hands thanks to a $60 in store discount. I have run the Windows Vista
Upgrade Advisor from the website, and have installed all of the software that
I was told needed to be uninstalled before upgrading. I have found out how
to do a fresh install, but am not yet interested in going that route.

My problem is that the upgrade advisor tells me to uninstall a program, but
does not give me enough information to figure out what program. It says that
the program is called Photo, and that Microsoft is the data source; however,
when I look at my Installed Programs, there is not a program that is only
called Photo. Sure I have photo programs that I could uninstall and try, but
every program I uninstall, I then have to reinstall. I am trying to limit
that as much as possible.

Anyone know where the data to populate the Upgrade Advisor tables
originates? Again the data for the row is: Program = Photo; Vendor is
blank; Version is blank; Data Source = Microsoft; Action Required = This
program must be uninstalled before upgrading to Windows Vista. After
upgrading, you can try reinstalling the program. For more information go to
the vendor's website. Realize again that the Vendor is blank, so I can't go
to the Vendor's website.

Help, anything would be appreciated.

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