Vista won't start


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Hi all,

I've just started having boot problems with Vista. I've had no problems in the past, but earlier this evening it would restart itself while loading Vista (the green bar loading stage). I used the Startup Repair option from the Vista install disc, and the log shows it successfully repaired a corrupted system volume (exact wording may have been different). Now it boots as far as loading a black screen and the mouse cursor, but doesn't get to the Aurora (blue-Vista-Windows-logo-loading thing).

I have tried subsequent Startup Repairs, CHKDSKs, Memory Diagnostic checks, all with no errors to report. Unfortunately, I disabled System Restore a while back... Something I now regret doing! At least I know what I'll be doing as soon as I get it running again!

My system is an ASUS M2N-E motherboard, AMD Athlon64 X2 6000+, Corsair 2x1GB XMS2 RAM, Sapphire ATi Radeon 3850... And so on and so forth. I'm running Vista Ultimate 32bit as well.

Thanks in advance!
- Noddy

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    Athlon64 x2 6000+
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    Sapphire Radeon 3850
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    Western Digital Caviar SE 200GB SATA
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