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What is the Mail.MSMessageStore "BACKUP" folder for?

Hello, I've recently had a problem with WLM.

The program was working fine, but since I was quickly
running out of space in the drive where all my mail is stored
(it takes 4 GB!), I thought it wouldn't hurt to delete the
subfolder named "Backup" in the mail storage folder,
which contains a file named "Mail.MSMessageStore", which
is in theory a copy of the file with the same name present in the
root of the storage folder. In my case, the files named
"Mail.MSMessageStore" take 430 MB each, so having
two of them was taking a lot of space (860 MB),
so I decided to delete the so-called "backup",
since I already had a real full backup of all files
(database and eml files) in a DVD I recorded a week ago.

But it seems that the "Backup" folder wasn't just a backup,
since after removing it (with the program closed),
WLM presented an error message when starting up,
and then I lost all folder structures in the "Storage folders" folder,
but the eml files and folders were kept in the hard disk,
even though I couldn't see them in WLM.

How can a file inside a folder named "Backup" be such a
crucial file for WLM? If it's just a safety copy of the database
present in the root mail folder, why deleting said copy
makes the program stop working properly?
If it's an important file, it shouldn't be under a folder named "Backup".

The problem is that the eml files inside account folders
(the sets of folders created for each account, outside "Storage folders")
were deleted!!! How can eml files be deleted just because
of a missing **backup** database file?

I lost 1 week worth of e-mail because of that (since my last
working DVD backup was from a week ago). Maybe I should
have been more cautious about tinkering with WLM data files,
but that "Backup" folder shouldn't be called like that if it contains
files that are actually being used by WLM, instead of just
backup copies, as the name implies.

After all, the main database file was already in the root mail folder,
so removing a copy labeled as "backup" should be harmless.
I don't think having a file crucial to the application
in a folder named "Backup" is exactly good design.

Well, I remember there was other Microsoft product that had
a crucial file with a BAK extension. If I recall correctly, it was
Office 2003. Without that BAK file, the programs didn't even start.
The problem was that some disk cleanup software tools that
usually remove all BAK files in the hard disk, made Office stop
working. How silly is to have an important absolutely necessary file
named with a BAK extension? ("OPA11.BAK"). Well, I'm digressing...

In the case of WLM, something similar has happened.
Why name a folder "Backup" if it contains data files
that are really needed by the program, not just for backup

Also, what would happen if the database file (either the one in the root
or the one in the "Backup" folder) gets corrupted somehow
for whatever reason?. Then I'll lose my eml files next time I run WLM??

I'm thinking it's not very safe to store my mail with this program...

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