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windows 2000 server problem

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Angel Taravilla

Hi All,

I made a p2v convertion for a old 2000 with DA and Exchange 2000 and i can´t
get work well.

I think is something about integration services. In the device management i
see a problem with hyper-v data exchange, hyper-v guest shutdown and hyper-v
heartbeat. And now i don´t know how repair that. ¿any suggestion?


Angel Taravilla

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I have a same problem. My windows server 2000 after covert and installing
integration services. Don't started some service (RPC, Plug and Play and
other depend).

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New Member
I found a work around for this problem please search for "Hyper-V Integration Services problem on Windows 2000 Server..." in this forum or Google should get you there.

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