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I reinstalled Windows Vista Home Premium (reformatted my computer), but now when I go to "Themes" or "Color Schemes" to change the windows appearance Windows Aero does not appear. It worked before, why does it not even show up now? Is there a driver or something I need to install?

I can search for Aero and find the files called: aero.theme, etc. but they still don't show up on the list for themes or color schemes even after I open them.

ALl that shows up for themes are: Windows Vista Basic, Windows Standard, Windows Classic, High Contrast White, High Contrast Black, High Contrast #2, High Contrast #1.

My Computer Information Basics:
-Dell Inspiron 530S
-Windows Vista Home Premium
-Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
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You should update your graphics card drivers. Because now Vista thinks you have a very bad GC since there aren't any drivers.

Just download the newest drivers for your GC and Aero will show up.

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