Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation dies when running Windows Media Player--no audio until reboot


Steven L.

After I updated the drivers for my sound card to the newest drivers,
Windows Media Player went nuts.
Now, whenever I try to view any video with Windows Media Player, there
is picture but no sound. In fact, after that, there is no sound coming
from any other application either, until I reboot.

I finally traced this to it causing Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation
(audiodg.exe) to crash, which of course means there can be no more sound
till I reboot. That's what it shows in Control Panel/Problem Reports
and Solutions.

Any idea what could be causing this? Even if the drivers are bad, that
shouldn't cause audiodg.exe to crash. And I don't want to go back to an
old version of the drivers just to make Windows Media Player work again.
There are other players, some shareware, that I can use. But I would
like to get Windows Media Player working again if possible.

Steven L.
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