Windows Audio Endpoint builder: high cpu usage




My Vista Ultimate 32-bit install is running slowly. I realize the indexing
takes awhile (175,000+ items indexed and counting) and that since I restarted
the prefetching, that also will slow my computer a bit.

However, is there any reason why the Windows Audio Endpoint builder should
continuously and consistently be using 7% to 20% of the CPU load?

Sound works when I use WMP, but I get no system sounds, though I have turned
them on. I have both an X-Fi eXtreme Music audio card and AC'97 onboard
audio. The X-Fi is used and the AC'97 is not. Both installed fine.

How can I get the Windows Audio Endpoint builder to not use so much of the
processor so often?


Asus Motherboard
256 MB GDDR3
4 GB DDR400
250 GB SATA HDD (internal)
500 GB SATA HDD (external)
AMD Athlon X2 2.4 GHz 4600+

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