Windows fax & scan - Vista Business.


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I have been trying to utilise Windows fax and scan on a Vista Business x32 machine.
When I try and add an account and set the programme up:

Fax accounts->
Connect to fax modem->
Enter name-> Next->

It says "the mentioned fax server is not available. Please correct the server name and try again".

I have tried the following modems in this machine:
Zoom 3030 PCI modem
Broadcom BCM94212/I PCI modem
Intel 537EPG PCI modem
Conexant D850 PCI modem
US Robotics USR2884B PCI modem

I have used all the above modems on a Vista Premium with "Essential Fax" third party programme with no problems.

Are all these modems incompatable, or am I experiencing a problem with Vista.
Alternatively, can anybody recomend a modem they are using?

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