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Francisco Garcia-Ascanio [MSFT]

Hello, FolderShare friends!

Thanks for all the great feedback you've sent on our upcoming release. Here
are some answers to the more frequently asked questions.

Q. When can I download the Sync software?
A. Soon. We're still finishing up a few more things.

Q. Will the limit remain 10 libraries with 10,000 files per library?
A. Nope. The new limit is 20 libraries with 20,000 files per library. That's
a lot of files! The library limit is for the combined total of personal and
shared libraries. (Keep in mind that what were called "libraries" in
FolderShare are called "synchronized folders" in Sync.)

Q. Are you also releasing new software for the Mac?
A. Yes. The Mac and Windows software will be released at the same time.

Q. Will Sync have the same features as FolderShare?
A. Yes, plus some great new ones:
.. Integration with your Windows Live ID
.. Integration with your Recycle Bin.
.. Unicode support.
.. And lots of bug fixes.

Q. What will happen to my computers running FolderShare? What about my
folders and files?
A. Sync is designed to make the transition easy for you. When Sync releases,
any computers running FolderShare will stop synchronizing files and will
notify you that you need to download Sync. All of your files and folders
will remain untouched on your computers, but you need to install Sync on
each computer to continue synchronizing files.

Q. Will I need to synchronize my data all over again?
A. No. If you've been running FolderShare, your data is already
synchronized, so you won't have to do it again.

Q. What will happen to my personal libraries?
A. Sync will automatically rebuild your personal libraries on the new Sync
website, and will reconnect your computer to those libraries. You'll have to
install Sync on each computer that previously ran FolderShare so that Sync
can reconnect each of your libraries to each computer. (All of your files
and folders will remain on your computers-you won't lose anything!)

Q. What will happen to my shared libraries?
A. This part is a bit tricky. Sync won't be able to rebuild your shared
libraries, but we've tried to make it as easy as possible to set these up

If you were the owner of a shared library it will be recreated, but you'll
have to resend the invitations to your friends, family, or coworkers to
start sharing the library again. (Sorry, we know it's a pain, but we hope
you'll forget all about it once you see huge improvements we're making to
Sync.) Don't worry if the people you shared libraries with don't have
Window Live IDs; we'll help your people switch using their preferred e-mail

If you weren't the owner of a shared library you used, keep your eyes out
for a new e-mail invitation to the library.

Either way, your files and folders will remain untouched on your computers.

Q. Why won't my shared libraries be rebuilt automatically?
A. To use Sync, you need a Windows Live ID. If your old FolderShare pals
weren't using a Windows Live ID to sign in to FolderShare, we don't know
whether they have one or not.

Q. My shared libraries won't be rebuilt, so do I have to invite everyone all
over again?
A. Yes. If you're the owner of a shared library, we recommend before Sync is
released that you go to each of your shared libraries and copy the e-mail
address and permission level of each user. Once you install the new Sync
software, you can send the invitations to the e-mail address you previously
copied. Don't worry if it's not a Windows Live ID; we'll help your people
migrate using their preferred e-mail addresses.

Q. Are my synchronization settings (On-demand or Automatic) on my libraries
going to change?
A. When Sync automatically rebuilds and reconnects your libraries, they will
all be set to Automatic synchronization. After Sync has rebuilt your
libraries, you can change them to On-Demand by visiting the Sync website.

Francisco Garcia-Ascanio
Program Manager
Windows Live FolderShare

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