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Windows Mail can not print mail out by shared printer


Thang Vu Duc

Dear All,
I am now using Windows Vista - Home Basic on my computer, but I met a
trouble with printing on Windows Mail by shared printer (which is connected
directly with my colleague's computer. My computer and her computer are
connected by Local Area Connection).
With another softwares (like:Microsoft Offices, IE, AutoCAD,...), it can
print well.
When I take a task of printing a mail in Windows Mail, one notice appears
on the screen as follows:
Windows Mail
Windows Mail has stopped working
Windows can check online for a solution to the problem and try to
restart the program
* Check online for a solution and restart the program
* Restart program
View more detail
Please kindly advise me A.S.A.P
Many thanks to you and best regards,

My Computer

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