Windows Movie Maker Editing Problem




I'm doing some editing on a movie i'm making, by recording footage from
a pc game. The files are all .avi, but only the original clips that I
put in work. As soon as I introduce new material and squeeze it in to
the old clips it freezes the new material until the counter reaches the
original clips. It's like stop, start, stop, start.
Strangely enough if I leave the new clip on its own it plays it all
fine, but as soon as i chop it up and insert it elsewhere the video
footage does not play.
Also the beginning of the new clip (inserted amongst the old clips)
works fine, but the rest of the new footage (inserted amongst the old
clips) is frozen.

Note: The audio still plays fine on the frozen clips, but the video
footage freezes.


I tried googling some answers but it seems like I'm the only one with
this type of problem. Fiddling with the video compatibility options in
'tools' does nothing. :(

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