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Windows Update for Vista KB946041 return error code 800736B2


Murphy Wong

Dear all,

Yesteday, I was installing a Windows Update KB946041 (important) for my
Vista but finally it returned an error 800736B2. I cannot find any message
related to this error. When I retry the installation, same error return.
Anyone can help?

Almost 1 year later, you get no answer from Microsoft or forums.
I get it in a "selective way":KB89083 gets installed, while 958687,957388,960714,956802,958624,955839,952069,958623 and 958215 don't.
The last that got installed before this was 958215.
Inidentally,at the same time, while my Vista's 64 Welcome center continues to display my RAM and my CPU characteristics, in "Control Panel>System" the processor and the RAM are not available, "sfc /scannow" stops after 19% verification is done and it gives the message "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operaion".
The only logical explanation seems to be that it's because I'm living at 19 in my street...