Windows Vista 64-Bit - No Screen Saver!!


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Alright guys,

I've been going through most of your posts on this board about peoples screen savers not coming up and I don't have any wireless hardware.

Are they any other solutions to this screen saver problem?

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If problems causing the screen saver malfunction as if something was
preventing it from activating, and you have tried everything else: Here
is what to do:
(This solution is absent in the MS database. I have tried to tell them,
but no response :(

Go to the "Device Manager" on your computer.
In the list of Human Interface Devices, look up an entry called:
HID-compliant consumer control device.
This one may be rented twice, causing the "hick up". Try disabling one
of them; usually the last entry works best. You may loose some
functionality of an advanced keyboard or mouse, but I have never seen
that happen. Never the less, test both for best performance.

This should solve all your problems if nothing else works!

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