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Windows Vista wireless issues.

  • Thread starter Mark - Australia
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Mark - Australia

HI there

I am running windows vista home premium 32 bit. I also have a Openw 624w
wireless router and a 303w usb wireless nic.

My problem is this, windows will detect the type of network I am trying to
connect to, whether it be secured or not, however when I try to connect to
the network I am never successful, I get an error saying the wireless access
point or router is not responding.

I will add that using a windows xp box with the same hardware all works fine.

Security/authentication on or off makes no difference to this issue, still
wont connect.

I have contacted Open networks and they say there are no known issues with
vista and this router.

I have the latest driver for the 303w and the firmware is the latest
available for the router.

I have tried the following with no result:


I beleive this issue is to do with the "improvements" to windows vista
networking, but does anyone have any suggestions?



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