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WinSat.EXE ??

Running Vista Ultimate (32 bit)...

Determing my "Windows Experience Rating" I run "update my score" from the
"Rate and improve your computer's performance" screen... WinSat.exe
executes, but no progress dialog appears as it did when Vista was first
installed... I know WinSat's running because I can watch it in process
explorer, and it does seem to updating because when it finishes I can
"refresh" the screen where I started it and the last rating date and time is

I would guess that the link or registry key that executes WinSat has some
switch set that turns off the progress dialog... The following key has
values set as follows:


a - c:\windows/system32\winsat.exe\1
b - c:\windows/system32\winsat.exe /formal\1
c - c:\windows/system32\winsat.exe /formal\1

Is the "\1" the culprit ?

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