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WLM & Logitech Quickcam 9000 Video & Audio Issues



I appreciate any assistance or insight that anyone can offer on this issue. I
can honestly say I've spent tens of hours working on this, trying just about
everything with no luck.

Problem: When completing a video call in WLM, I can see and hear the person
on the other end, but my video to them is choppy/delayed and audio is pretty
much nothing. The video is choppy when I see it and when they receive it.

Checked video and audio functionality with Quickcam software and it is
working. In fact, the video is good in WLM until the connection is
established. We were able to test showing and viewing webcam from both ends
of the connection at the same time and video was GOOD on both ends, but when
we introduce the audio, both audio and video are BAD.

Running Win XP on Dell Inspiron 6000. Have shutdown all programs and
unnecessary services and process, no change.

We were running WLM 2009 but downgraded to 8.5 - no change.

Had updated drivers for the camera 11.90.1262 and downgraded to 10.4 - no

Updated Java and removed all previous versions - no change.

No windows firewall - no other firewall - no firewall at all.

This laptop is within a small LAN behind a Linksys RVS4000 router. It has
UPnp enabled - but..... We have the exact same laptop hardware (also running
XP but software load is not the same) also within this office and when we
hook the camera up on the "other" laptop, with the updated drivers and WLM
2009, video chat works perfectly (no issues at all)- so it's something on
this laptop.... a setting, software interferance, who knows.....

We ran the audio and video wizard in WLM and it all looks good....

Any suggestions - please throw them at me And if you need additional
information, please let me know.

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