"~XB1ACD" corrupted files-how to rename/fix



RE: below...please advise as to the proper newsgroup to post this to...if
this is not the one...thanks

I have a mumber of files, all types, .txt, .doc, .jpg
They have the correct file name, but have an added "~XB1ACD" (w/o the
quotes, various letters after the ~) added at the end of the file that
interferes with the correct file association. Note: The files are OK...I
can manually rename a file deleting the part including and following the ~
(the tilde)...and the file is conpletely intact.
What command and syntax can I use to to find these files and delete the
unwanted ~* file extension. I think this is something I think I knew 15
years ago
with Dos...but I can't remember. I don't want to have to do each manually -
much too time consuming...

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